Dogo Creativo, the company of brothers Marcos and Ricardo Codd has obtained certification Google Adwords. The certification focuses on techniques to obtain higher return for every dollar invested in digital advertising and optimizing resources in each keyword, location and ad created. Which gives us better capacity at the time of the creation, management, optimization and measurement of digital campaigns in the Search Network and Google display network, advertising options on YouTube, Blogger, Google Shopping, Maps, among others.

It was a great year for digital advertising. new technologies that help brands, agencies and publishers to reach consumers constantly connected world today more easily and effectively than ever were launched. Advertising messages became more intelligent, campaigns began to cover different screens and formats, media buying began to be performed in real time and new metrics emerged to succeed.

We use technologies specifically designed to achieve the highest ROI (return on investment) for your pay per click campaign; That’s why our customers continue to embrace social marketing, understand the benefits (brand engagement, 24/7 access to customer information) but should ensure consistency, measure success, budget and implement best practices.