The real digital revolution
Ai: Artificial Intelligence
After a decade since the birth of social networks, begins a paradigm shift in online communication and the use of artificial intelligence.

We have always had a special fondness for humanizing machines: it all started when they began designing humanoid robots. Since then, we have seen many attempts to get closer to what we know as Artificial Intelligence.

The use of the web and the Internet as we know to date suffer an evolution never seen before. They are modifications that change the way we relate to everything around us. Can you imagine crossing in front of a store and, according to your browsing history, I recommend exclusive offers directly to your glasses? Even in fields like health smart watches can monitor blood pressure during 24 hours of the day and automatically send the results to your physician for follow-up.

Artificial Intelligence
Dogo Creativo recently opened area AI (artificial intelligence) for applications on mobile devices that emulate rational human behavior based on empirical data. AI is responsible for building processes executed on when a physical architecture produce actions or results that maximize performance measure determined based on the sequence of received inputs and the knowledge stored in such an architecture.
App Development
Application development for mobile devices requires taking into account the limitations of these devices. Mobile devices are battery operated and are less powerful than personal computers processors. The development of these applications also need to consider a variety of screen sizes, specific software and configuration data. Mobile applications require the use of integrated development environment, and tend to be tested first using emulators and later put on the market on probation.
Digital Technologies
Digital technologies such as smart programs that use semantic data, have been implemented and used in small-scale companies to achieve more efficient data handling. In recent years, however, there has been a greater focus directed to transfer these technologies to the general public semantic intelligence.