Stop Dreaming, Start Doing – Interview by German De Bonis
Today I want to share an interview with a big marketing, Marcos Codd, a heavyweight who founded with his brother one of the most prestigious and coveted by celebrities worldwide Agencies.
The Success
Q: It is one of the advertising agencies fastest growing in recent years in Argentina. What do you think personally that success?
A: It is a set of several factors: work, effort, vision, take risks. Traversing own and external barriers, valuing people. I think it's similar to riding a bicycle, two pedals and moving together to achieve the goal where there is a human factor that depends on us and a divine factor that makes the difference.

Q: How is working every day with such prominent figures as ex President of Argentina or actors and celebrities of the stature of Dante Gebel, Juanes or Tom Cruise?
A: It's exciting. It's knowing that you're playing in the big leagues, and that creates a chain of new customers of the same size. We are very interested personal relationship both with them and with the people around, talk, talk about life. It all starts so commercial, but many continue by relating even after finishing work. That return is what gives the flavor to what we do. Seeing people as people and not as product is the way we can help each other, grow, and share values ​​or principles through the excuse of work.
The Beginning
Q: Every beginning is hard, but in your case, what you planned or you made a business model for assembling the agency and toured the regular path of the entrepreneur (asking for money, presenting projects and risking) or was rather the classic passage of being a freelance an agency?
A: I totally agree, the beginning and development are always very hard. Although we were very young when we started, plan and dream much what we wanted to achieve. Since the first months of college agency was in our mind. Nothing great comes from the overnight, all demand a great effort and take risks often without network jumping. During these 20 years we present projects, we risk countless times in freemiums developments, we invest our resources in droves. We make no regular way of asking for money, convince investors, we never went to wheels capital or we go into debt; and that's a virtue that we maintain and we value within Dogo Creative, always maintaining financial freedom and not become slaves of debts.
The basics.
Q: Your agency was founded by two Codd, How does work every day with your brother or family and be so successful?
A: The key to success is that there is no competition between us; the reality is that we were one and a joke of nature we become two people. With my brother we have different personalities and abilities but we agree in our profession, that makes us much more we push, we complement each other and achieve great results. One of our phrases we said a little joke at the beginning of the agency was "half us conquer each world, and we will conquer completely." The theory that the twins think and feel like being thousands of kilometers away is real, happened to us many times. But if the reality is that we get along well and basically I think it's because we respect and admire.

Q: I imagine that in your agency are several people working. ¿Employees or associates? Why?
A: In Dogo try to hire first passion, second by experience and third for the titles. As a result we have a great team which does not have any job you like, but enjoys what he does and does so with the utmost excellence. We are not many, but I always think this way: "I'd rather have the team Messi, Cristiano, Iniesta and Mascherano to have a hundred players from second division making lump". With regard to having partners, not caught my attention because, inevitably and experience, everyone will want to bring water to his mill and vision of why we do what we do is diluted.