Prodigy Network
COUNTRY: United States of America
About Prodigy Network: Prodigy Network’s crowd-investing model was developed as an innovative way to give smaller investors access to large real estate assets. We are headquartered in New York City and have offices in Miami, Florida, Bogota, Colombia and Montevideo, Uruguay. Prodigy Network and its affiliates have led six international and U.S.-based projects, raised more than $300 million from 6,200 investors around the world, and are currently developing projects globally with a projected value of more than $850 million. Major banks like Deutsche Bank, CIBC and Bank of America have provided traditional mortgage financing for Prodigy’s Manhattan projects. Well established operators and developers like Korman Communities have partnered up with Prodigy in the development of two Manhattan properties. Recently, Professor Karim Lakhani from Harvard Business School published a case study on Prodigy's work titled, Prodigy Network: Democratizing Real Estate Design and Financing. Prodigy believes that crowd-investing will democratize commercial real estate by providing a new investment opportunity for small investors, revolutionizing the industry.
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