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Mauricio Velez
COUNTRY: Colombia
About Mauricio Velez: In "Nuevo Rico, Nuevo Pobre" production Caracol 2007, he represented the overprotective brother Fidel Pelaez and also worked for serial poster, where he acted as merciless, immersed in the world of drug trafficking. A Mauricio Velez he got his starring role in the series of channel Caracol "Muñoz vale por dos", where Román Muñoz plays a good-hearted man who questions life ends between two marriages. For this role was awarded in 2009 with India Catalina as best lead actor. His figure, his voice and his talent as a singer called the successful, a whole promise that graced the popular music. His first promotional theme was cursed liquor, work of Angel Mendez and Fermin Villegas preamble of their first album and the beginning of his career as a performer.
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