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Manny Montes
COUNTRY: Puerto Rico
About Manny Montes: Emmanuel Rodriguez was born on December 16, 1981, in the city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. In his formative years he lived in the neighborhood of Tamarindo, an environment known for drugs and violence. From an early age, Rodriguez had a strong desire and ability to write songs about their environment and the challenges that came with youth. In 1996, at the age of 15, Rodriguez came to know Jesus and accepted him as their savior. This would be a decision that would affect not only the course of his career, also the course of his life. He began writing songs about their faith in Christ, putting him in the opposite gender in general movement. In 2002, he released his first solo album called Realities, under the stage name "Manny Montes". Successes like "Life born of death" Montes gained fame and industry attention, followed by opportunities to perform and record, including participation in the launch in 2003 United Kingdom and 2004 United Kingdom The concert a very successful collaboration with a number of Christian rappers like Funky, VIP, Triple Seven, Dr. P, Vito and Santito, among others. Montes's fourth album, The Immortals, launched in 2006; It was based on the contributions of some 35 ministers and musicians like Triple Seven, Vito, Redimi2, Bengie, Dr. P, among others, together to bring a message of hope and truth.
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