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Liga contra el Cáncer
COUNTRY: Colombia
About Liga contra el Cáncer: The appearance of the League Against Cancer Bogota occurred on July 19, 1971 when members of the Colombian League, meeting in Assembly agreed to its creation, providing educational activities and assistance to the Colombian League was developing in the Capital District. The institution was established in his early years as a cornerstone of prevention and diagnosis of cervical cancer through mass Pap smear. Later the gynecological medical consultation service to supplement this activity was organized. Because the incidence of different pathologies is how the league decides to open new specialties counting today with services Urology, Breast, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Head and Neck and Gynecology; which they are supported by diagnostics as endoscopy, mammography, cytology laboratory, pathology laboratory, ultrasound, cystoscopy, colonoscopy, colposcopy and sampling, among others.
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