Graphic Design & Digital Communication
Ingrid Rosario
COUNTRY: Estados Unidos
About Ingrid Rosario: In June 2009 Ingrid was invited once again to participate in the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. where he met the new US president, Barack Obama. This event marks once again the ministry of Ingrid Rosario as one of the most recognized Christian music, because there are many times she has had the opportunity to meet and share with numerous presidents, political leaders and personalities in the US, Latin America and around the world. Ingrid has one of the most powerful and captivating voices of Christian music today. One of his greatest attributes is not only to sing with her voice, but with his heart. He likes to share his music around the world, while fulfilling God's purpose for your life. However, his greatest joy is to see people come to the Lord and enter His presence through worship.
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